Summer In The Living Room – Five Tropical Designs In The Sun

  1. Tropical living room with brass and wood accents.

This tropical living room uses jute rugs, wooden furniture and brass accents. This room is warm and inviting. The contrasting colour patterns give the room a playful yet formal feel. The cream walls, while not necessarily eye-catching, add variety. White walls can be drab.

Before decorating your living room, however, consider where you live. For example, if you live in a laid-back beach house, your decorating scheme needs to be different from an industrial loft in the city. This tropical living room brings a tropical feel to a coastal home with interesting patterns and wooden furniture. However, cool upholstered furniture, a thoughtful layout and beautiful artwork can add a touch of sophistication.

  1. Modern tropical living room with patterned details.

This interior is an example of a modern tropical design. The combination of dark blues, greens and patterned accents creates a subtle and majestic ambience with tropical flair. If you don’t want to opt for a lot of patterns or bold colours, you can use experimental elements and tasteful colour combinations. Key elements like sofas and tables should be neutral, while ceilings, lamps and artwork can be used as a colour palette. Dark green, navy blue, peach and pink is ideal colours to create a tropical ambience.

  1. Relaxed and cheerful tropical living room.

Bold, sunny colours and exotic fruit prints will give you a fresh feeling when you wake up. The traditional canopy in your living room will no longer be boring and strict, but cheerful and fun – greenery is the way to go! You can create a real tropical feeling with greenery plants. However, pink walls, a rustic grey sofa and relaxing safari-style decor are the perfect complement to this motif.

  1. Fresh and lush tropical living room design.

This green living room in neutral tones is elegant and family-friendly. This is due to the soft and textured upholstery combined with grey, the modern sofa and plenty of wall accents. Beautify empty corners with large houseplants and trees. Also use a variety of ornaments to add visual interest due to different heights and shapes.

  1. Classic tropical living room design

Although classic and timeless, this tropical living room design is fun! Aesthetically, it’s refreshing and unique and adds a soft, fun energy to a formal living room that inspires creativity and makes guests feel right at home. No detail has been forgotten, from the bright white ceiling to the navy-blue sofa and patterned yellow cushions for extra seating. To make the tropical atmosphere even more subtle and intimate, the room is fitted with sophisticated curtains that match the decorative carpets. All the sofas are angled to break up the monotony of the classic symmetrical living room – and all the fun, luxurious fabrics warm up the open and airy space.

Using entails, windows at the topmost part of the walls, or even floor-to-ceiling windows, you can create an expansive space that has a typically tropical feel. Don’t forget to add lush plants to complete the tropical look outside.


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