What Should You Consider When Choosing an Interior Designer?

INterior Design in Lahore

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Interior Designer? Whether you’re buying a new home or renovating an existing space, an interior designer is the best way to bring your ideas to life. Finding and working with a qualified professional who can translate your ideas into a beautiful aesthetic can be challenging. Here are some […]

Tips From AIBK to Increase the Value of Your Home

Best Interior Designer Lahore

Are you planning to resell or extensively renovate your house/apartment? It’s the million-dollar question of how to increase the value of your house or apartment. Every homeowner has asked themselves this question at one time or another. Here are some tips from AIBK, an interior designing company to help you increase the value of your […]

How Abstract Interior Design Can Add a New Dimension to Your Home Interior

If you love abstract interiors and want to explore their spaces and colours but don’t know where to start, here are some tips from design experts. What is abstract interior design? The abstract design is inspired by abstract art and modern, retro and minimalist design trends. It is a design style that emphasizes line, colour, […]

6 Tips for A Safe Reading Corner

Interior Designers Lahore

Everyone knows what it feels like to have a special place at home dedicated to a favourite activity. If you love to read, you know how nice it is to have your own reading corner. However, for many families, finding the perfect reading corner can be just as difficult as finding time to read, so […]

Summer In The Living Room – Five Tropical Designs In The Sun

Best Interior Designer Lahore

Tropical living room with brass and wood accents. This tropical living room uses jute rugs, wooden furniture and brass accents. This room is warm and inviting. The contrasting colour patterns give the room a playful yet formal feel. The cream walls, while not necessarily eye-catching, add variety. White walls can be drab. Before decorating your […]

Interior Design Trends For 2023: Seven Styles That Will Dominate Your Home

Best Interior Designer Lahore

Sustainability Will Continue to Be a Style Trend in Interior Design In 2023 Sustainability will continue to be a key element of interior design in 2023. Latest furniture, cork wallpaper, upcycled materials and DIY decorations will continue to enliven spaces and take centre stage in interior design. With environmental conditions worsening, it’s no surprise that […]

Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Feel Less Cosy

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When it comes to arranging furniture in your beautiful home, there are many things that need to fit together to create the perfect space. Things like achieving balance, ensuring the right furniture is present, etc are some of the important things to consider. Here’s an overview of the most common interior design mistakes, read on […]

Design Tips For Narrow Kitchens To Get Better Results

Interior Designers Lahore

The kitchen has always been the most important part of the home, but for some people it may not always be the most spacious. Most modern homes built in small spaces do have a small kitchen space. Are you planning to design a narrow kitchen? Here are some tips to help you through the process. […]

Keep Cool Indoors This Summer

Interior Designers Lahore

Summer is officially here. There are many things to look forward to including vacations, shopping, travel, hanging out, cheerful colours and smoothies. And while you’ve got changes in the way you dress, why not change up your home decor too? There’s no better time than now to freshen up your home. Here are some summer […]

Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Monsoon

Best Interior Designer Lahore

The rain is a great relief from the scorching heat of the Pakistani summer. The sound of the rain, the smell and the coolness bring a sense of calm. However, the monsoon is also a time that brings damp interiors and leaks. Here are some things you should keep in mind during a rainy season […]

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