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AIBK is a trusted name in the house building and construction industry. With extensive experience in the construction industry, AIBK’s team has made a name for itself by providing high-quality construction and building services to its clients.

With a focus on serving the members of the nation, Team AIBK not only provides the necessary expertise in construction but also goes a step ahead to make sure that a turnkey solution is provided. Whether it’s residential or commercial construction, frame brick structure, grey structure or full finish, our first and foremost priority is client satisfaction and ease of use, which starts from step one in the form of detailed documents including bids, bills of materials, agreements and contracts, regular interaction throughout the project, problem-solving and successful project completion.

The AIBK is top ranked among the Best Builders in Lahore is committed to delivering quality and convenience, providing clients with peace of mind, clear communication and transparent business processes. Using their accumulated experience and expertise, Team AIBK also guarantee reliable and construction cost-effective solutions with responsive customer follow-up service. We build lasting relationships with our clients by delivering high-quality services.


We use our specialized construction knowledge and high-level drafting skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically appealing. Architects are involved throughout the construction process, adapting their plans to suit budget constraints, environmental factors or client needs.


Periodic maintenance is required to maintain the ambience of your home. We offer tailored repair and maintenance solutions that ensure longevity and reliability.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality construction at fair and market-competitive prices. We carry out overall planning, which involves coordinating all activities and making sure that controls are in place to ensure that all projects are delivered from inception to final completion.

Real Estate

The AIBK’s team meets the needs of both buyers and sellers of real estate. Our aim is to help individuals find the ideal home, plot or commercial property on the real estate market.

Grey structure design

The grey structure includes all construction processes except all decorative and architectural works. The foundations of grey construction mainly include bricks, cement, sand, rubble and steel.  These are used to construct the main grey structure of the building. It does not include any kind of architectural work such as paint and sanitary work. The grey structure also includes underground and roof water tanks, pipework and electrical wiring.

The grey structure of any building project is the foundation of the development, if this structure is safe and robust, it will ensure the robustness of the rest of the building and architectural works. The design of the grey structure plays an important role in the development of any building project. AIBK is one of the Top Construction Firms in Lahore and is a leading company in grey construction in Lahore. Here is all the information you need to know about grey construction.

Aspects of grey construction

Grey construction usually refers to the grey appearance of a building, created by cement render. It is also referred to as the skeleton of the building, which will provide support and strength. These are the main things that go into grey construction.

Boundary wall:

In grey construction projects, the boundary wall is completed in the first few days as it will be the one that surrounds the building.

The other walls are built after the boundary wall.

The next thing that is done in grey construction is the roof/ceiling. In this category, you have a choice and it is totally up to you what type of roof you choose. You have the choice of clay tiles, polythene mud bag, bitumen and roof waterproofing.

  • The grey structures are also fitted with a drainage system.
  • Water, gas and electricity piping is also installed in the grey structure.
  • Safety grilles can also be installed with the grey structure.
  • The water tank has two options, including an aboveground water tank or a 300-gallon dura water tank. The one that fits the budget will be installed.
  • When nearly complete, the walls and structure will be topped with concrete plaster.

All of the above will complete the grey structure of the building. The construction companies in Lahore, and above all the construction company AIBK, use these techniques to make the grey structure stronger and more durable.

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