Top 3 Great Modern Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love (2023)

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The bedroom is also known as the home’s relaxation area because it’s where we unwind after the hectic pace of life. Everyone wants to relax and unwind, so they try to make their bedroom as comfortable as possible. The furnishing of a room is the only thing that can describe the whole personality of a […]

The Best Home Office Ideas, Interior Design Tips And Decor

Best Interior Designer Lahore

Seeing our comfortable sofas, beds and other entertainment accessories, we can’t actually concentrate on work. To avoid laziness, the new trend of home offices started. Creating a functional yet practical workspace is ideal for work. The expert interior designers in Lahore at AIBK have designed a number of functional spaces to improve productivity as well […]

Luxury Villa Interior Ideas

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Like the flow of life, we are getting better and better places to live. It would not be wrong to say that villas are a place associated with the highest class all over the world. Just as we spend a huge amount of money and time on the interior of our homes, villa interior ideas […]

10 Tips For Creating A Modern Interior

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  Choosing the most stylish interior design for your living space is a difficult task. Since the turn of the century, many advances have been made in interior design. Every day, completely new themes, designs, fashions and trends emerge. Many new interior design concepts are available in the market. Tangible design, eco-friendly materials, earth tones, […]

What Are The 7 Elements Of Interior Design?


Interior design is the creation of an experience of an interior space by manipulating spatial volume and surface. Interior designers are often seen as decorators, but their job is not just about placing furniture in a room. It is about creating an environment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. For this purpose, it is […]

Construction Services in Lahore

Interior Designers Lahore

AIBK is a trusted name in the house building and construction industry. With extensive experience in the construction industry, AIBK’s team has made a name for itself by providing high-quality construction and building services to its clients. With a focus on serving the members of the nation, Team AIBK not only provides the necessary expertise […]

How Does Customising Your Home Interior Reveal Your Hidden Talents?

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Everyone’s dream is a beautiful home with elegant interiors. Whether it’s a living room that pampers you to bring your family together, a small space that takes you to a world of imagination, a bedroom that evaporates your daily tiredness or a kitchen that inspires you to create culinary magic. Your home interior makes every […]

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