10 Tips For A Modern Interior UAE 2023

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Choosing the most stylish interior design for your living space is a difficult task. Since the turn of the century, many advances have been made in interior design. Every day, completely new themes, designs, fashions and trends emerge. Many new interior design concepts will be on the market in 2023. Tangible design, eco-friendly materials, earth […]

The Best Flooring Ideas In 2023


Wood flooring can be the best choice for your home if you want the best return on your investment. Although it is notoriously difficult to calculate the exact return on investment from flooring, real estate experts estimate that installing new wood floors in a property before selling can cover the high costs. Solid wood that […]

Modern Office Interior Ideas In 2023

Best Interior Designer Lahore

Office interior ideas: Offices are where we spend a lot of time. A large part of our day is spent in our workspaces. The space needs to be comfortable and attractive so that you enjoy spending time in it. The surroundings set our mood and directly influence our productivity. Working in a fresh and favourable […]

10 Trendy Laundry Room Designs To Make Your Rooms Beautiful

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The laundry room is probably the last place people think of when it comes to decorating a space. It’s easier to just place clothes in the room without even having to iron things, but this will end up spoiling the overall look of your home. Every room in your home should be well-decorated and clean. […]

Transform Your Guest Room Into A Modern Look

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After you’ve decorated another room with the best interior design ideas, you need to pay more attention to the interior design of your guest room. A guest room can be a spare room that you actually use for storage, or you have to design a room for foreigners. This room should be well furnished and […]

14 Different Types Of Light Decoration Ideas For The Bedroom

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Lighting is one of the most important elements to include in your home interior. You can transform your bedroom into a well-decorated, modern/stylish look by fixing the lighting using unique and surprising techniques. There are different types of light decoration ideas for the bedroom that are used to highlight the beauty of your bedroom and […]

What Questions Should I Ask An Interior Designer?

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When you are considering redesigning your home, there are many questions to ask. But one of the most important is: What questions should I ask an interior designer? Interior designers can do everything from helping you choose furniture and artwork to plan entire rooms. They can also be a great help if you’re not sure […]

What Are The Rules For Interior Design?

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Interior design is quite a broad field. It involves many elements to create a complete interior. You have to respect symmetry and a variety of patterns. Many years ago, people didn’t really use to hire professional interior designers or decorators. But nowadays it is considered an important field and you have to consider many factors […]

Top 3 Great Modern Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love (2023)

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The bedroom is also known as the home’s relaxation area because it’s where we unwind after the hectic pace of life. Everyone wants to relax and unwind, so they try to make their bedroom as comfortable as possible. The furnishing of a room is the only thing that can describe the whole personality of a […]

The Best Home Office Ideas, Interior Design Tips And Decor

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Seeing our comfortable sofas, beds and other entertainment accessories, we can’t actually concentrate on work. To avoid laziness, the new trend of home offices started. Creating a functional yet practical workspace is ideal for work. The expert interior designers in Lahore at AIBK have designed a number of functional spaces to improve productivity as well […]

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