7 Gorgeous Leather Sofa Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Leather sofa design adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any room with minimal effort. There are sofas and there are leather sofas. Attractive and comfortable, a leather sofa design is an elegant update to a room. That’s why many homeowners prefer to invest in a durable, high-quality sofa with beautiful leather upholstery. And once you’ve experienced the charm of a leather sofa, there’s no going back. However, we know that there is an art to transforming a room with the latest leather sofa designs. That’s why we present our design ideas.

Edgy Leather Sofa Design for Industrial Interiors

A leather sofa design that fits perfectly into a living room with an industrial feel. The brown shade fits in with the overall aesthetic of the room, which features a brick cladding wall, wooden floor, free-standing bookshelf, veneered modular kitchen, coffee table and open-shelved TV cabinet. A sofa is certainly an elegant addition to a room, isn’t it? And this is a good time to remind you that a sofa and a couch are not the same things.

Cream Leather Sofa Set Design for A Dreamy Look

The lush cream leather sofa set in this living room is designed with sophistication and luxury in mind, especially with the matte black wall in the background. The black gallery wall with its mounted lamps, panels and artwork complements the luxurious sofa. The wooden details of the sofa chairs add to their charm. We love how the combination of black and cream gives the room a dreamy feel. Sophisticated details such as the rustic coffee table and chandelier add to the luxury.

Stunning Black Leather Sofa

The design of any modern leather sofa is not just about its texture or colour, but also about how it is arranged in the room. That’s why this design completely captures our hearts. The mirror, the chandelier, the wood panelling, the decorative wall, the black lamp, the sofa chairs and the coffee table are all interesting details that enhance the luxurious feel that the black leather sofa exudes. So, when planning your living room or drawing room, make sure that the design of the room complements the leather sofa you choose. Here are some more ideas for gorgeous sofa colour combinations.

Relaxing Leather Sofa Design with Curved Backrest

The luxury quotient of a room is instantly boosted when you see a leather sofa with a reclining backrest. We love the way the backrest sofa creates a relaxing atmosphere in the earthy tones of the room. The coffee table, houseplant, and rustic dining table seem inconspicuous, as does the sofa. This creates the perfect atmosphere for simply relaxing.

The reclining leather sofa design creates the perfect relaxing atmosphere in the earth-tone living room. The leather reclining sofa says “relaxation”.

Gorgeous Leather Sofas for Small Spaces

If the layout of your sofa or sofa set seems to take up a lot of space, then choose leather sofa chairs so that luxury still reigns in your living room. Reclining chairs make it even better. The design shown here shows a cosy yet fun living room with wicker chairs, an elegant coffee table, a playful graffiti wall, and cosy curtains. The reclining leather sofa chairs act as statement furniture, adding a touch of sophistication to this carefree room.

Leather Sofa Chairs as Statement Furniture

A leather sofa is no longer just a status symbol. It is associated with the desire to experience the finer luxuries of life day after day. After all, the best things in life are to be enjoyed. And with leather furniture available in many variants such as full grain, bonded, faux leather, and so on, it’s easy to buy one that suits your price and maintenance needs. Want more expert advice on how to furnish your space with the latest leather sofa designs? Book an appointment with our top-class designers now.

A Spacious L-Shaped Sectional Leather Sofa Design

The L-shaped design of a leather sofa with an attached armchair adds a feeling of spaciousness and extra comfort due to the possibility to stretch your legs. It’s also handy as a seat or extra bed when you have friends or relatives over. You can liven up a room with colourful throw cushions, lighting, a rug or a statement wall. Or, as seen in this living room design, you can choose to keep the colour play soft and match the earthy tone of the sofa.

Two-Sided Modern Leather Sofa Design

A modern leather sofa design that is attracting interest among homeowners is the Chesterfield two-sided sofa in dark brown. With curved backrests, deep button trim and double-sided seating, this design is a sure winner among living room furniture due to its distinctive look. The plush two-sided seating with armrests is also comfortable when guests need to focus on the same side of the room. Notice how the gorgeous sputnik lights and leather upholstered side table with antique telephone make the room look luxurious.

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