How To Make Your Bathroom Safe For Seniors

The bathroom is one of the riskiest and most critical areas of a home, especially when it comes to the elderly. With many sharp corners, small spaces and wet surfaces, a loss of balance or a fall can have serious consequences for a person. It’s important to keep seniors safe and here are our top tips for making your bathroom safe for seniors.

Shower And Bathtub Safety

For most seniors, standing for long periods of time is difficult, especially when taking a bath. Seniors with balance or mobility problems are very susceptible to injury in the bathroom. A shower chair can provide stability for people with mobility problems. The legs of the chair should have rubber tips to prevent slipping. In the shower area, provide space for a caregiver or a second person to easily assist the elderly if needed.

A removable showerhead is also a good idea. It allows seniors to sit on a shower seat while showering, which prevents falls or helps them wash properly. To do this, install grab bars to help maintain balance while sitting on the shower seat or standing. These bars, when bolted on, can support your body weight perfectly. They should be made of stainless steel or aluminium and installed at a height of 1.10 to 1.30 meters.

Toilet Layout

Elderly people should always have access to toiletries. Whether it’s soap or toilet paper, it should be placed so that the user doesn’t have to worry about it slipping out of his or her hands during use. Install a storage cabinet to place toiletries in an easily accessible location. Often, the visual perception of older people can be impaired. Poor lighting can lead to falls and injuries. So, to make your bathroom safe, provide good lighting and nightlights for moving around the bathroom. Labelling things so they are easier for them to identify is also helpful.

Sink And Hardware

Just like the shower, the sink and other hardware should be easier to handle. Try installing faucets with electrical sensors. Seniors are more likely to fall than others. To improve safety in your loved one’s bathroom, you may also want to consider installing a telephone for use in an emergency. Because the bathroom is usually attached to the bedroom, elderly family members can often use it without disturbing others. It is therefore essential to be careful about the type and location of equipment in the bathroom.

Flooring Precautions

We all know that a bathroom is a slippery place and slipping in the shower is even worse. It is common for floors to become slippery. To avoid this, get non-slip mats. These mats, placed in the toilet or in front of the entrance to the bathroom, are very useful when entering or leaving the bathroom. Non-slip floor coverings such as rubberized floors, cement board and epoxy can be used. Also, make sure that the mats you place near your bathtub or shower are also slip-resistant. The benefit of incorporating these items into your home interior is that they make your bathroom safe for seniors and caregivers. Similarly, a good-quality bathroom door is also helpful for wiping your legs and entering the room.

These simple changes can help your loved ones secure your bathroom and build their confidence when using it. In most cases, they help caregivers support the weight of the person’s body and make it easier to shower or wash safely.

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