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AIBK is a team of Pakistan’s most renowned, skilled and the Best Interior Designer in Lahore. Our team of best architects in Lahore has the extensive knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to turn your vision into reality. For decades, AIBK has been serving residential and commercial clients by building extraordinary structures. The team of passionate architects is one of the best in Lahore, make your fantasies come true by creating your dream homes, offices, and more! We take your dreams one step further by translating your vision into a physical structure, working to provide you with exceptional service, affordable pricing, and unparalleled creativity.

Using modern techniques, extensive knowledge, and decades of architectural experience, we create contemporary yet homely designs that are tailored to your needs.

Here’s how we work:

  • Project creation: we start by identifying the client’s needs and plan the project based on the client’s ideas, needs, and goals
  • Design phase: In this phase, our specialist architects develop a rough design based on the client’s requirements and budget, which is evaluated from a pros and cons perspective
  • Submission process: After both parties have agreed on the design concept, the construction documents required for the submission process are drawn up
  • Professional visits: During the construction phase, architects or engineers regularly visit the site to follow the progress of the project

It takes much more than “know-how” to create the projects of your dreams. As one of the leading architectural practices in Lahore, AIBK strives to create structures that are modern, yet cosy and comfortable for the client. We have been serving clients for years and understand how to turn your ideas into physical structures to suit your needs. Our affordable prices and unbeatable creativity are things not to be missed!


We believe that architecture is a bridge that connects people and places. Our goal is to design a beautiful and sustainable structure that reflects your vision in detail. Our ingenious workroom combines tradition, culture, and nature to create thoughtful projects.

Our aim is to be the Best Builders in Lahore and create an image that reflects the spirit of each community. This is reflected in the sketches of our constructions, making them desirable to everyone involved in the process. The best architectural project is one that is able to link two distinct qualities, such as scale and intimacy. That’s why we conceptualize from within because it introduces a sense of continuity and connection.

The design is as important as the small print, as the next big headline. That’s why our team of creative artists and consulting experts are here to help with your questions. So, your sketches are combined into a canvas from which a miraculous wonder can be created.


Our passion for architecture is what drives our creativity. We know how to select gems from a pool of creative minds and shape them to suit our clients’ needs. Our workplace has a very convivial atmosphere, which contributes to the joy in our daily work. We believe in creating a place that leaves a lasting impression on everyone. This motivates us to feel respect and gratitude for every success and to see every moment as an opportunity to improve even more.


Nothing motivates us like the atmosphere in which we work. We are a close-knit team working in a place that combines nature and architecture with the essence of minimalism. Our workspace is designed to stimulate our imagination, which allows us to brew new ideas that we love. Even the lobby and meeting rooms are well decorated, creating a memorable atmosphere for our visitors.


We follow a philosophy: to create an environment that is an efficient and pleasant place to live and to style it with simplicity and elegance while enhancing our long-term value. Our client’s creative input, combined with our employees’ sufficient enthusiasm, helps us achieve this.

We are dedicated to our craft and we are constantly expanding our knowledge and finding new and better tools to perfect our art in every way. In this way, we can adapt to new changes in our field of activity, which has an even greater impact on our development. We represent stability by outlining structures that are still seen as visual statements and conversation starters.


We have hand-picked creative gems that make up our staff of architects and designers, who together add value to our development process. From the idea to the final drawings, they bring technical and artistic flair to life in our company. We push the boundaries and work tirelessly, under the supervision of AIBK, to complete each project efficiently.

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