6 Top Interior Design Trends in Pakistan

Trends in the world of architecture and interior design are always changing. If you are embarking on a journey to build your dream home or planning to redesign the interior of your current home, it is very important to take an in-depth look at the latest trends. To help you update your style, we have compiled a list of six key interior design trends that are being actively used by interior designers in Pakistan today.

70s Retro

Often, we see design eras being re-lived, and decor styles reappearing with a modern twist. 70s retro is one such trend that is in vogue in Pakistan today. Although it is usually remembered for wall-to-wall carpets, funny ornaments, and heavy lights. However, there were also a number of classic elements that have made a comeback in the design market, including rattan furniture, warm earth tones, and hand-woven carpets. Designers working with this trend are trying to get the vibrancy of the 1970s reflected in interiors that are complemented by a classic vintage setting. For example, a lounge painted in subtle avocado green, with a set of a laid-back rattan sofa, vanilla peach seats, a modern cane cabinet, and a colourful hand-woven rug will be enough to give you a pure retro feel.

Biophilic Design

Over the last few years, the choice of eco-friendly practices and the dedication to design that helps to preserve our natural environment have been a conscious global movement. As a result, people are now enthusiastically investing in biophilic design in their homes, as it affects their mental and physical well-being and allows them to be closer to nature. Key features of this design include larger windows to maximize natural light and ventilation, the use of natural materials in home construction to reduce toxins, and vertical indoor gardens to help improve air quality and bring in extra freshness. The best interior designers in Lahore also add a prominent water feature such as an indoor pond, miniature fountain, or aquarium, as the sound of water creates a peaceful atmosphere. For example, a bedroom can have large windows, a monochromatic color palette, a daylighting system, clean-lined furniture, and lots of houseplants, all ready for a “completely natural design”. When you set your heart on this design, know that it’s all about connecting with nature.

Multifunctional Spaces

Single-purpose spaces seem to be a thing of the past. In a post-space world, people are now willing to explore the different ways in which a given space can be used. For example, setting up a home office in a bedroom or combining a lounge with a home library is becoming a trend. With advances in architecture, today’s designers are now coming up with creative ideas on how to use innovative room-sharing tactics and make the most of every corner. For example, a basement can be made multifunctional and the horizontal space can be used for a guest bedroom, while the vertical parts of the space can be used for built-in shelving for storage. This way, you will still have extra storage space in the basement, but at the same time, you can enjoy having an extra bedroom in the house. There are many possibilities in any room. Just be creative and let the design do the rest.

Futuristic Interior Design

The futuristic design is ultra-modern design enabled by technology. Futuristic interior design is more about wavy horizontal architectural lines in the floor and ceiling, a metallic monochromatic look dominated by white, grey, and black. Metal, leather, and glass are the most popular materials in futuristic interior design, as their asymmetrical combination helps to reinforce the forward-looking style. The perfect futuristic bedroom would have pearly white walls, marble flooring with strong wavy lines, large glass windows, silver accents, and lots of devices that can be controlled by a touchpad or app. Interior designers in Pakistan ensure that the futuristic bedroom design incorporates modern technology, including smart beds, lighting, mirrors, and even smart blinds.


Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist design is characterized by uncluttered open spaces, clean-lined furniture, minimal décor, and a neutral color palette. It usually favors functional furniture and proper lighting design and pays close attention to the shape and texture of the key elements in the room itself. Nowadays, people are keen to create thoughtful spaces that resonate with nature and help to create a healthy relaxing environment for residents. This trend has led to the rise of minimalist interior design, including Japanese, modern minimalist and wellness interior styles. If you want an interior design that helps your home act as your sanctuary, then you should definitely opt for a minimalist interior style. Add a rustic low-slung bed with rustic edges, wooden flooring and simple ornamental lamps, paint the walls white and relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Traditional Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a type of interior design with roots in Europe and the USA. Today, it is being adapted by Pakistan’s top architectural design firms, as clients are increasingly interested in European-inspired styles. Like other interior designs, Art Nouveau incorporates some characteristic design elements, including flowing lines, nature-inspired décor, decorative ceilings, and extensive use of wrought iron and stained glass. So, when you open the door to this style, you’re sure to be working towards giving your home an old-world, classic, European feel that will be around for a long time. Don’t forget to add a wrought iron bed, beautiful white flowered ceilings, and stained-glass windows to give it that traditional Art Nouveau look.

The six interior design trends listed above all have different design philosophies and interior looks. Get in touch with AIBK to get helped, we are confident to get you the desired interior designing in every way possible.


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